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Creating the Dream Stay

Our Acccommodations are located on separate properties. What you see in one is not necessarily what you will see in another. However, each property represents the very best views Orcas Island has to offer. 


We do not use the Dream in our name lightly and the adjectives used to describe our individual cottages were chosen with deep reflection.  The cottages are different each offers a unique experience.  Each brings to fruition our concept of  a dream place to stay; the realization of which provides a dreamy "home" to return to while discovering the wonder of Orcas Island, but more. our dream cottages  also provide a place to just sit still and drink in the beauty of nature, its sounds and fragrances.  .  . really. so much more than a place to stay.  

If you have the time and the inclination, you may want to start your getaway in one "dream" and continue on to another.  Contact us.  We are happy to help.  

Our Locations are the WOW factor, each showcasing a different view

Our three cottages are at various dream locations all on the sunny west side of Orcas Island, the most spectacular of the idyllic San Juan Islands.


Our Cottages are not lined up in a row. Rather, each cottage is situated on its own special, beautiful and private property. The surrounding property ensures your privacy and the stunning views are part of the cottage experience. 

Absolute Waterfront

Our cottages are all on"grand-fathered" waterfront properties. That means they are all located closer to the water than permitted by new county codes. So when we describe our waterfront properties as "absolute" waterfront, we mean it. 


There is nothing between you and the water and the sound of lapping water, marine life, passing boats, etc.

About Map:  All rentals on sunny west side of island

A. Isle Dream Cottage

B. Sea Dream Cottage

C.  Mariner's and Waveside Cottages

D.E.  Recently sold and under new management.

Country Comfort, not at all pretentious yet, undeniably elegant

Our small portfolio of cottages have been individually furnished to reflect its surroundings.  All Country simple. . .yet, undeniably elegant.

Attention to Detail

We pay attention to every detail to attain this seemingly "effortless" sophistication and are pleased to be able to present our guests with a "dream" home away from home, cozy, intimate and comfortable without evidence of everyday clutter. where you can spend your entire vacation sitting still staring out through the windows, if you so choose.


We believe in Windows

Our cottages provide comfort and relaxation, where, if you choose, you  can spend your entire vacation sitting still staring out through the windows -- Nature Channel on all day.   We could imagine what windows could do given the the location of these cottages. . . so we (to be honest, handy Richard) added them. . . a lot of them!  

Isle Dream Interior1.jpg
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